12 Monthly Challenges

Welcome to the 12 Monthly Challenges hosted by Kara Goucher! Here’s how to participate:

  • On the 1st of Every month we will email participants information and (if applicable) printable calendars to keep track of activity. We will also include the information here on this page in case you don’t get the email.
  • The challenges take place in specific months but can be completed at any time during the year after they have started.
  • If you do not receive the monthly emails and would now like to, please subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/cvI7yL

Get Your Butt In Gear February

During the month of February Kara is challenging you to incorporate four of her favorite glute exercises into your normal routine.

Kara has provided videos of each exercise as well as a calendar of recommended repetitions.

By the end of the month you should notice a big difference and will hopefully continue to use these exercises throughout the year.

Are you ready to Get Your Butt In Gear with Kara? Download the calendar and instructions below to get started!

Note: You can complete these challenges at any time during the year even if you start late. For example you can still complete the Just Log It challenge by starting and completing a 31 day streak of at least one mile a day. If you’re unable to start the February challenge on the first, just use the exercise calendar and start on any day – just use the calendar as a 28 day guide!

Run The Year 2017 Monthly Challenges with Kara Goucher from Run The Edge on Vimeo.

Keep Track of Your Month with Our Exercise Calendar:

Download your Exercise Calendar below to keep track of your daily activity. Page One features a February calendar with exercise and repetition information, and Page Two features further participation instructions and notes.

Download The Exercise Calendar

Check Out Our Workout Videos:

Hip Bridge – https://vimeo.com/201768055

Plie Squat – https://vimeo.com/201891146

Deep Body Squat – https://vimeo.com/201892579

Single Leg Squat – https://vimeo.com/201895189

Kara’s Smack Down

Kara's Get Your Butt In Gear SMACK DOWN! from Run The Edge on Vimeo.

— Previous Challenges —

Just Log It January

We’re starting the 12 Monthly Challenges with Just Log It January. The objective of this month’s challenge is to start or continue a mileage streak. We are challenging you to run or walk at least 1 mile (or as many miles as you’d like) every single day for 31 days.

The purpose of this challenge is to make fitness a daily priority and to get back into the habit of moving your body every single day. Set aside a little time each day for you. Get in at least one mile, and practice entering your miles in our mileage tracker.

If you start after January 1st, that is okay! Just start your streak with day 1. If you miss a day, that is okay. Pick up where you left off. Keep going.

We’ve got everything you’ll need below. Without further ado, here is Kara welcoming you to the challenge and inviting you to streak with us!

#RunTheYear2017 Just Log It January Challenge with Kara Goucher from Run The Edge on Vimeo.

Setting goals is crucial to reaching achievements! In the goal setting guide, we ask you to write down your goal. Be sure to start the goal with “I will”, not “I want to” or “I will try.”

Download The Goal Setting Guide Here

The streaker calendar is now available for download! Use this calendar to count how long your streak can be! You can print it out and check off the days to keep your streak alive!

Download The Streaker Calendar Here

To see progress, and look at how far you’ve come, you have to make weekly and monthly checks. You can’t just set a goal and forget about it, so we’ve provided a Progress Report for the second half of your challenge. The Progress Report is designed to be part 2 of the Goal Setting Guide.

Download Progress Report